Eggs: 5 Easy DIY Hair Masks

Egg and Avocado mask from hello glow

In addition to being incredibly healthy, eggs are a key ingredient in many DIY hair masks. The yolks contain vitamins A and E, biotin, and folate which can help your hair resist damage and even grow faster.

Here are 5 tried and tested masks offering soft, shiny, frizz free hair.

For a one-ingredient-wonder, try applying egg yolk directly to your hair. Leave on for an hour and rinse with cool water. According to Byrdie, this simple mask helps infuse the root of your hair essential vitamins.

Feeling more creative?

Misswish suggests adding banana, jojoba oil, and milk to help repair damaged hair.

To Hair With Love recommends blending olive oil, egg, and water for softer hair.

Momspresso adds egg whites to her shampoo and/ or conditioner, which encourages hair growth.

This egg and avocado mask from hello glow adds moisture and reduces frizz.

Remember when you make these masks to rinse with COOL water (nobody wants scrambled eggs on their head!)

If you're feeling less ambitious, you can always try this egg remedy hair pack from Amazon.


I have also seen several DIY face masks featuring eggs, however, I'd avoid those due to the health risks they pose.

Obviously this goes without saying, but don't try any of these if you have an allergic reaction to eggs!

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